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Dated: 06/07/2018

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My real estate clients frequently wonder about the local schools. They should.

I assure them we have many outstanding opportunities available for their students but I am also quick to point out their responsibility for doing some homework to ensure the schools in the areas they are considering meet the needs of their children.  Because we are in a region with three large school districts, with hundreds of schools, schools vary in their offerings and their outcomes. In terms of investment in real estate, few issues are more important than the quality of the schools nearby, so every home shopper needs to give serious thought about schools as they narrow the focus of their home search. Even for those house hunters who are approaching retirement or who have grown children or who have never had children, schools matter because they factor so heavily into home appreciation potential and they impact the community around where the buyers will live. 

Schools impact home values. About 50% of home buyers are willing to pay more to be in the school district of their choosing. Buyers are also willing to sacrifice amenities and home size to achieve this.

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I have always had a strong interest in education. Before becoming a Realtor, I was a teacher. My wife is still a public school teacher. And, my kids went to public schools in Charleston County and flourished, my youngest graduating last year. I continue to volunteer with schools today. Consequently, I am a strong advocate for the importance and value of our local public schools and I am very pleased with the direction I see our local schools headed.


  • are a critical factor in how well your home will sell when it is time to move

  • impact the appreciation of your home in ways few other factors do

  • provide community stability, improving the quality of life for all residents

  • fortify economic development by attracting new businesses and retaining current employers, who not only want an educated workforce but also want their current employees to be happy living in the community

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As you consider purchasing a home in the Charleston area, you may be concerned about finding the right school for your kids.  Or, you may simply be aware of the importance of schools to home values. There are numerous ways to investigate the quality of local schools. Online you can review annual report cards for each school in the area which gives significant outcome data and socioeconomic information. You can also look to media assessments as they attempt to make sense of the data. Here's an example from US News: 

In the 2017 U.S. News Best High Schools rankings, there are two South Carolina schools with gold medals, 15 with silver medals and 41 with bronze medals.

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  1. GOLD MEDAL     Charleston School of the Arts (Charleston County) 

  2. GOLD MEDAL     Academic Magnet High School (Charleston County)

  3. SILVER MEDAL   Wade Hampton High

  4. SILVER MEDAL   Chapin High

  5. SILVER MEDAL   Nation Ford High

  6. SILVER MEDAL   Palmetto Scholars Academy

  7. SILVER MEDAL   Fort Mill High

  8. SILVER MEDAL   Wando High (Charleston County)

  9. SILVER MEDAL   Mauldin High

  10. SILVER MEDAL   Riverside High

if you have questions about the schools in the area as you consider making a home purchase, don't hesitate to give me a call. I always enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for the public education system.

Chris DeLoach     843-270-1272   [email protected]

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